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Developing Phantom Playbooks

The Developing Phantom Playbooks is an introductory course that prepares IT and security practitioners to plan, design, create and debug basic playbooks for Phantom.


Students will learn fundamentals of Phantom playbook capabilities, creation and testing. This course is a pre-requisite for the Advanced Phantom Implementation course.

Units : 2
Duration : 9 hours over 2 days
Time : 9:00 am – 1:30 pm AEST (GMT +10)

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Developing Phantom Playbooks

Extremely proficient at controlling the pace of training. Great explanation of answers & not just reading the content. Very knowledgeable about all content. Looking forward to completing the rest of the of the class.

Highly recommended.

Participant, Splunk Enterprise Data Administration

Developing Phantom Playbooks
Developing Phantom Playbooks - Course Topics
  • Automation best practices

  • The visual playbook editor

  • Using actions and decisions

  • Using action results

  • Testing and debugging playbooks

  • User interaction

  • Output formatting

  • Complex logic

  • Interacting with artifacts

  • Using the vault in a playbook

  • Custom lists

Class Format

Instructor-led lecture with labs. Delivered via virtual classroom or at your site

Course Prerequisites

Familiarity with Python programming

One of the following:

  • Administering Phantom (preferred)

  • Using Phantom Video Courses

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Developing Phantom Playbooks - Audience

SOC Engineers, Security Architects, Threat Hunters & Responders, and Analysts who respond to security indicents using Phantom automation.

After completing Developing Phantom Playbooks course you will be able to
  • Use the visual playbook editor to create and modify automation flows

  • Trigger user interactions, filtering and logic

Developing Phantom Playbooks
Developing Phantom Playbooks - Course Objectives

Module 1 – Introduction to Playbooks

  • Understand automation best practices

  • Design playbooks

  • Python support

  • Use the playbook manager

Module 2 – Visual Playbook Editor

  • Use the visual playbook editor

  • Use actions and decisions

  • Process action results

  • Test new playbooks

Module 3 – User Interaction and Logic

  • Interact with users during playbook execution

  • Format outputs

  • Use decision blocks

Module 4 – Accessing and Formatting Data

  • Accessing action results

  • Accessing artifact and container data

  • Formatting data

Module 5 – Modular Playbook Development

  • Calling other playbooks

  • Creating artifacts

  • Sending email

  • Passing data between playbooks

Module 6 – Custom Lists and Filters

  • Custom list concepts

  • Create custom lists

  • Access lists from playbooks

  • Use filters

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