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Implementing Splunk SmartStore

The Implementing Splunk SmartStore course is designed for the experienced Splunk system administrators. This hands-on class is designed to provide the essential knowledge for deploying and managing Splunk SmartStore.


It covers SmartStore deployment options, cache manager configurations, monitoring, and troubleshooting of SmartStore implementation.

Units : 1
Duration : 4.5 hours over 1 day
Time : 9:00 am – 1:30 pm AEST (GMT +11)

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Implementing Splunk SmartStore

Extremely proficient at controlling the pace of training. Great explanation of answers & not just reading the content. Very knowledgeable about all content. Looking forward to completing the rest of the of the class.

Highly recommended.

Participant, Splunk Enterprise Data Administration

Implementing Splunk SmartStore
Implementing Splunk SmartStore - Course Topics
  • Introduction to SmartStore

  • Standalone SmartStore Implementation

  • SmartStore in Indexer Cluster

  • Monitoring and managing SmartStore

Class Format

Instructor-led lecture with labs. Delivered via virtual classroom or at your site

Course Prerequisites

o Linux OS commands

o Editing files with vi or nano

o Splunk index life-cycle and bucket transitions

o Splunk Indexer cluster concept

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Implementing Splunk SmartStore - Audience

Splunk Admins and Architects managing large Splunk environments on premise or in private cloud who are interested in learning to cut cost and improve performance on storage.

After completing Implementing Splunk SmartStore course you will be able to
  • Learn Benefits of SmartStore other than cost savings

  • How to implement and troubleshoot Smartstore

  • How to Migrate data from onboard storage to Smartstore

  • How to Monitor and manage Storage in Indexer clusters using SmartStore

Implementing Splunk SmartStore

Module 1 – Introduction to SmartStore

  • Benefits of SmartStore

  • SmartStore requirements and restrictions

  • Indexing in SmartStore

  • Searching in SmartStore

Module 2 – Standalone SmartStore Implementation

  • Enabling SmartStore indexes

  • Bootstrapping SmartStore indexes

  • Validating the implementation

Module 3– SmartStore in Indexer Cluster

  • Implementation differences between deployments

  • SmartStore in an indexer cluster

  • SmartStore migration in indexer clusters

Module 4 – Monitoring and managing SmartStore

  • Monitoring SmartStore activities

  • Cache manager settings & Optimizing eviction policies

Implementing Splunk SmartStore - Course Objectives
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