Ingeniq is authorised by Splunk to deliver Splunk courses and offers both Instructor led public and dedicated virtual and face-to-face courses.

Splunk Training Provider Authorised Learning Partner Australia

Managed by Global Field Enablement, this program focuses on role-based training offerings for Sales, Services, and Sales Engineering roles.

The goal is to develop and release more just-in-time training to Splunkers and Partners to meet rapidly-changing business needs.


Accreditation Badges (PNGs) and certificates (PDFs) will be available for download upon achievement.

This learning path provides information to help SEs assist with technical demos and presentations during the sales cycle. It covers Splunk sales messaging, how to position Splunk platform solutions (Splunk Cloud and Splunk Enterprise) plus Splunk premium solutions (Splunk ITSI, Splunk ES, Phantom, UBA). You will learn how to communicate the technical details of Splunk, conduct a Splunk demo, and uncover customer pain points.

This learning path provides information to help SEs assist with proof and evaluation exercises during the sales cycle. It covers how to conduct customer-facing workshops, verify Splunk validated architectures, discuss ways to customize Splunk, and how to conduct a custom data load, POC, or POV

This learning path is designed to help Data Operations Analysts in implementing Splunk core onboarding data, developing use-cases and building dashboards. It covers how to convey Splunk messaging, differentiators and use-cases, Properly onboard relevant data from multiple sources including custom data loads and creating and modifying dashboards and Configure and use Phantom and UBA

This learning path is designed to help SEs assist account teams with discovery and standard overviews/demos related to the Security domain. It covers how to sell and position Splunk Security Solutions (ES, UBA, Phantom), complete a SIEM integration or replacement, conduct a demo, POC, and Security Workshop, and provides an overview of the security models and SOC personas.

This learning path is designed to help to perform the role of Security Analyst at a Security Operations Center (SOC) environment using the relevant tools of Splunk Security suite. Learn how to use Splunk at a foundational level​, Identify and track security incidents, analyze security risks, use predictive analytics and threat discovery using Splunk Enterprise Security and tools​.

This learning path’s will help you learn to onboard data following Splunk's Common Information Model (CIM), Correctly install Enterprise Security and configure with necessary correlation data and Implement basic security use cases in the ES product.

This learning path provides guidance to help consultants  install and configure the Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) application to best practices and design. It also covers how to install the ITSI app and bring data in following best practices, how to configure the app to support the customer's needs and bring them the most value.

This learning path helps students learn to perform the necessary workshops such as Service Identification and Service Decomposition to solution, model and document the service model requirements. The outcomes of the workshops are a comprehensive set of service model requirements and ITSI program planning artifacts.

This learning path helps you to be able to bring customers together in deep-dive workshops to determine what is valuable in their current SIEM and how we are going to improve upon that functionality in Splunk. Learn how to deliver SIEM Replacement workshops, backed by the Use Case Library and Splunk Professional Services' SIEM replacement approach. Architect large Splunk Enterprise Security deployments.

This learning path helps you learn to install, configure, and tune Splunk's User Behavior Analytics (UBA) product. You will learn to prepare a customer for a UBA installation, including how to prepare their data sources. Install UBA per the latest best practices. Tune UBA after its necessary model build times. Interface with the UBA support team for assistance.

One of the best trainers I've had - keeps content relevant & explains the tasks in easily understood language. Extremely knowledgeable in all fields relating to the content. Well paced & accommodated to everyone's questions & progress.

Participant, Splunk Enterprise Data Administration