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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Splunk training held?

Ingeniq Splunk Training sessions are Virtual Instructor led classes that can be attended from your office or home.

Splunk training is hosted on AWS as a service that can be accessible via an IP Address.

If your corporate network policy blocks outbound activity to unknown IP Addresses, you may wish to consider sitting the course from home. We also offer onsite or dedicated virtual classes, subject to sufficient numbers of attendees.

What platform is used to deliver the Splunk training?

Ingeniq Splunk virtual training is delivered via the LogMeIn GoToTraining application.

You will need a Windows or Mac computer with sufficient internet connection (at least 1 Mbps).

To verify if GoToTraining will work on your system please perform the test connection by clicking on the following url


What is the start and finish time for Ingeniq Splunk Trainings?

Ingeniq Courses are delivered live and in English and provide access to customers spanning multiple timezones. Dates and times displayed for each course are relative to Australian Eastern Time (AEST/AEDT).

AM Marked Courses

AM marked courses start at 9:00am (AEST/AEDT) and finish at 1:30pm (AEST/AEDT) (4.5 hour sessions over 1 or more days) and are optimal for customers in the following countries and areas;

  • UTC+10 including Australia (East Coast)
  • UCT+11/+12 including New Zealand and the Pacific Islands
  • UTC-8 including USA (West Coast), Canada (West Coast)
  • UTC-7 including USA (Mid West)

PM Marked Courses

PM marked courses start at 2:00pm (AEST/AEDT) and finish at 6:30pm (AEST/AEDT) (4.5 hour sessions over 1 or more days) and are optimal for customers in the following countries and areas;

  • UTC+9 including Japan, Korea
  • UTC+8 including Australia (West Coast), Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Philippines, Brunei, Thailand
  • UTC +5/+6 including India and Sri Lanka

Are there any Splunk training discounts available?

Ingeniq offers Early bird discounts on a regular basis. To know more about this visit www.ingeniq.com.au/shop

Also Learn more, for less…

Splunk Training Packs are a collection of courses that can be purchased together for savings of up to 25%.

If any of our Splunk Training packs don’t quite fit, you or your teams requirements then simply build your own Splunk Training Pack!

Call or email our Training Consultants on 1300 245 802 or sales@ingeniq.com.au.

What are the Splunk Training discounts available for Splunk Partners?

Ingeniq offers 50% discount for Splunk Partner Accreditation and Certification trainings. Speak to one of our Training Consultants on 1300 245 802 to know how you can benefit from this offer while placing your Splunk Training bookings online.

What are the Splunk Training discounts available for Splunk employees?

Ingeniq offers 100% discount for Splunk Employee Accreditation and Certification trainings. Speak to one of our Training Consultants on 1300 245 802 to know how you can benefit from this offer while placing your Splunk Training bookings online.

Can I pay with Splunk Education Units (i.e. Splunk Credits)?

Splunk training credits can be used to pay for Ingeniq Splunk Training.

  • Each course costs one credit per course unit. The unit value of each course is listed on its course page.

If you know how many credits your company has purchased, then you can book your Splunk training via the website and while in your cart page indicate that you will be using credits and list the passkey for your credits in the "Add a note" textbox area.

How do I pay for my online web orders?

You can pay via your PayPal account. No Paypal Account? No problem.

You can place your training order and pay using your Debit/Credit Cards without having to create a PayPal Account.

Click "Checkout" and choose the "PayPal" option to continue and place the order. Then you will be directed to a new page "Pay with PayPal" where you will see the option to pay with your Debit/Credit Cards as a guest.

Please call us on 1300 245 802 if you have any concerns.

When will I receive my Splunk training materials?

Splunk Education sends your individual watermarked Splunk training pdf’s to you the night prior to the class scheduled date.

How do I register for the Splunk certification exams?

There are three ways to purchase a PearsonVUE registration voucher:

1) Directly from PearsonVUE

This is the most streamlined approach. Follow the steps for account creation and exam registration provided at www.pearsonvue.com/splunk.

Payment will be collected at the time of registration. You can also visit the Pearson VUE voucher store for direct purchase.

2) From Splunk (as an individual)

Log into your existing account at Splunk.com/Education to purchase a registration code. Payment can be made via credit card or existing Splunk Education credits. Splunk will email you a unique registration code, which can be used for registration at www.pearsonvue.com/splunk .

3) From Splunk (as an account)

Your Splunk Sales Rep can add certification exams to any deal. Once the number of vouchers has been requested, Splunk will email your unique registration codes, which can be used for registration at www.pearsonvue.com/splunk.

All scheduled exams are subject to a minimum 24-hour cancellation and/or rescheduling policy. Failure to cancel or reschedule an exam within this timeframe results in forfeiture of registration fee.

What is the time duration for completing the Splunk exams?

You have one hour to complete the online exam after the first page of questions displays. You cannot go back to review any of your previous answers.

Once you start the exam you must complete it; you cannot pause the exam.

What is the format of the Splunk exams?

The User, Power User, and Admin certification exams consist of a set number of multiple choice, true/false, multiple select, and fill-in-the-blank questions.

What if I have connectivity issues once the Splunk training session has begun?

The link provides toll free phone numbers for LogMeIn for different countries so that you can call and get immediate assistance whilst in session.


When will I receive my Splunk completion certificate?

On completion of the class your instructor will mark the labs and then submit the results to Splunk Education who will then upload the certificates to your Splunk education profile and send it out to you.

One of the best trainers I've had - keeps content relevant & explains the tasks in easily understood language. Extremely knowledgeable in all fields relating to the content. Well paced & accommodated to everyone's questions & progress.

Participant, Splunk Enterprise Data Administration